On Miscellany

I can’t begin to describe how obsessed I get with these blogs. First and foremost, I am far from your average blogger. Posts can be erratic and balloon from 2 to 30 in a month. Topics also vary in unimaginable ways from a simple 5-list article to something ridiculously ambitious (or plain ridiculous) as “How to live”.
I have been so caught up with the idea of social media and niches that I ended up opening 9 more blogs. Looking back, I still think I did not overdo it. It felt right at the time. It felt like I couldn’t possibly squeeze all that I am in a single username and tagline. And it wasn’t just how my interests clash with one another, it was also much about me disliking labels. I was overanalyzing how readers would digest topic after topic. I completely forgot the most important thing which is to see it as it is; a personal blog where I write my thoughts. There really is no need to worry about how lengthy my posts are or how a post’s totally unrelated to another. I mean so what if it lacks pictures, keywords and tags. The funny thing is that I don’t even have a lot of readers so I had every reason not to care.

This time I see it more clearly. I am not a blogger. I’ve never been. What I do is live and write morsel after morsel. It’s as simple as that. That explains my inconsistency. There is no formula. I feel and ache then put it on paper. It was never really about branding, packaging and reaching out to a specific audience. It’s just the real deal. Sometimes you do something interesting and the rest of time, well it gets boring. And you know blogs and Instagram accounts, they don’t. Sorry.

I also can’t really say that I am a writer because you know, writers they want to write “something”. When I do “this”, it’s more like singing in the shower. Perhaps off key with incoherent lyrics and the song can get lost in suds and be hummed into an entirely different song only, I don’t sing.

Going back, I bit my lip and combined all my blogs with the exception of my craft blog. Yes, all of them! And this space, the very first of them all, miscellany, will mean exactly that. Versions of myself will come together in a mishmash of posts. Yay!