WIDE SHOT: A Learning Event for Film and Video Creators (A Review)

45539052_10155945899821724_931342355099811840_nIt wasn’t at all technical but oh my! I wouldn’t miss it for the world even if the venue was packed and I was really uncomfortable in my seat. That was at least 8 gruelling hours of a sit-down lecture, I’d have to applaud my attention span.

Don’t get me wrong, I love how EJ Mijares (SHOOT Practical Videography School) makes everything more accessible, not to mention, affordable. But oh god, if paying more means the elbows of my seatmates won’t be resting on my tummy and more leg room, shet take my money!

So apart from the 2-hour sales pitch of Lacie, ROG and Asus during the said event, the 4 other speakers were quite inspirational. I wouldn’t say I picked up something that would make my photo or video improve in any way (except maybe the live lighting demo of Pong Ignacio of Heneral Luna and Goyo and his tidbits on chroma, blocking and filling the frame from foreground to background). Instead, it was enlightening for people who are indecisive of the path they’re going to take as filmmakers as well as video and content creators. Real talk, you know, either you find it encouraging or you’d get discouraged. They’re there to make you more committed. It’s fitting for Shoot Practical Videography School’s 4th Anniversary Celebration.

Dan Villegas reminded me that being passionate also kind of means suffering for something. And I can so relate to this, I ache for the many things I do. He was also quite realistic about the film industry which pretty much told me that I should never get into that. Hahaha! He’s cool and funny talking about showbiz stuff. Pong Ignacio showed us that being obsessive and overdoing things is also synonymous to hard work. He talked about his process of compiling pegs and watching relevant movies. It was so thorough and the movie did resonate with it.  From Atom Araullo, I got some practical tips on choosing a topic in making a documentary, not that I ever planned on working on one. But his talk did make me feel more comfortable with the idea. And finally Jason Magbanua was entertaining as hell! Wow, I did not expect that at all. If I will get married I’ll definitely get him. Haha! Intimacy and being real won me many times over. His focused on the business aspect, dealing with clients and keeping things interesting. All of them talked about offering something unique and sacrificing a lot for their craft.

Congratulations to Shoot and more power! See you next year.


*pictures grabbed from Shoot Facebook Page

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