I’m claiming it!

Mara Andres for movement and silhouette

There I said it. Admittedly, it was when I was feeling a little doubtful of myself. Painting is really what got me started in photography. I wanted to paint and I needed reference photos. Basic classes weren’t enough to get the photos that I wanted and soon I was very much into photography and have forgotten all about my desires to paint (well taking pictures is a lot easier!) I suppose that bit explains a lot of my approach in photography.

I’m particularly proud of my style because I didn’t learn it through workshops or online tutorials. Although there are countless similar lighting setups, I can really call it mine. It was the outcome of the problems I have encountered in my shoots.

I needed to light both the model and the apparatus (usual umbrellas and soft boxes are too small). I had to live with the size of the studio (it’s not very practical to bring the pole elsewhere). I needed to address the busy background (there are almost always no blank walls). I had to consider the amount of available light indoors (minimal or no sunlight). I needed something that I alone can bring and set up (I don’t drive and seldom have a driver and I don’t want to depend on others when I have a shoot). And lastly, I had to make do with a limited budget.

So yes, I did this. Yes, I worked for it. Yes, it’s mine.  Yes, I’m proud of it.

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