Mid-year Update!

DSC00950 - Copy

It’s quite normal to doubt yourself all the time and feel like you’re going nowhere. When I realized it’s almost July, my heart sank remembering all the things I listed that I have to do before my birthday in August. And then of course someone reminded me that I have been doing a lot of other things (only it’s not on my list of things to do). I get frustrated with the many things I do because I often lack the focus to get anywhere. But yes, Jodi is right, the accidental monthly themes for this year somehow worked.

For January, it was all about breaking it in with various kinds of workout plus Kayleen’s Mighty Fit Challenge. It’s important that I get back in the game after the holidays. For February, it was all about photography with shoots and the FPPF’s photography summit. For March, it was Shoot Videography School’s back to back video workshops! April was all about my Mom’s 60th!

For May, I was planning to have a lot of aerial shoots but I ended up doing a lot of practice for group shoots in preparation for Stellar photoshoot (the biggest shoot of my life that needed 5 posts here on my blog). Apart from scheduling group shoots, I also practiced with my gear at home. June was Stellar Program Photoshoot, our 13th anniversary plus the unplanned trip to Bangkok.

In between there was an organic soap workshop, blogopolis, countless workout sessions and a lot of drinking. Let’s do this!

For July it will be all about my main goals for my birthday. Hopefully I can do handstand training, focus on my zero waste blog so I can launch it soon and maybe play with my new gear (a hoop and a camera)! hearts!

Next few posts will be all about Bangkok!


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