Let’s get flashy!

Been writing about the shoot of my life the past 4 posts. I wrote about preps, the actual shoot, why I chose that setup and etc. Now, I’ll tell you playful ways I could’ve set up for this. They sound a bit crazy but I hope you know I’m not always just making things up. hahaha!

  1. The first one is lighting from above. Glamour/beauty shots often utilize top lighting so I thought I can use a big diffuser sheet for the ceiling and use two flash units to light up the big group. And instead of the usual reflector, I’d use a reflector sheet on the entire floor! What stopped me mainly was I don’t have an idea where to put my flash units on the trusses and being so high, how will I be able to control it when I need to readjust.
  2. The other one is very close to the setup that I have except that I want to use 4 flash units in all. I want two for back lighting and one on each side (left and right). I actually had 5 flash units that day but I didn’t want to risk shooting without backup. If any of the flashes gave in, the latter groups will have lesser lights.
  3. Next is backlighting in front of the backdrop plus one on each side forming an X around the subject. Like the one before this, the main problem is not having back up units. At the same time, lighting from the sides can be tricky in small spaces. There is a huge possibility that the coverage will be minimal so those on the sides will likely be burned from light while the ones in the middle will be in the shadows.

The more wilder solutions to my problems include buying a wide angle lens with a big aperture that would fit everyone never mind the distortion at the edges. 2. Rent the camera, lens and continuous lights so there’s no need to mind the flash units. Plus, there is always the most practical choice which is to rent a professional studio with all the space, all the lights with assistants attending to your every need! haha!




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