On Aerial Hoop Shoots

IMG_1681 - Copy

It’s true. I took pictures of the hoop last because I want to have a lot of practice before I take on my favorite apparatus. As it turns out, it still wasn’t enough. There is a huge difference when you compare it to floor poses, standing poses, pole tricks, silks and chair. Here are the things I need to consider in aerial hoop shoots:

  1. Composition can be tricky. It can be focused on the shape of the hoop or the shape of the trick and it’s hard to choose between the two!
  2. Lighting needs to have a wider coverage because there are tricks from varying height levels. One is hanging from the low rung where your feet are still almost touching the floor (much like standing poses). The next level is when you are sitting on the hoop (which is about the height of regular pole tricks). Lastly, there are tricks when you are on the top rung almost touching the carabiner (very, very high).
  3. Tricks way up in the top rung also pose another complication, the backdrop does not reach beyond the trusses so you’ll have to depend on editing to clean that out.
  4. If the hoop is not parallel to the camera, there is a danger of one side of the hoop being sharper than the other.
  5. For tricks where the hoop is parallel to the camera, it needs to be perfectly round so a piece of nylon is needed to hold it into place. How can I forget that little bit?!

There is really nothing left for me to do but practice more! And honestly, I don’t mind. I love doing these shoots. It might take some time for me to be 100% confident in taking pictures and lighting for various aerial arts but as long as I am enjoying, it’s all good.


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