First Aerial Hoop Photoshoot

Summer is here!

My aerial hoop I named Tesla debuts in this first ever aerial hoop shoot! My athlete muse is Shayne no less (Thank you!!!), someone who we have been training with since the first aerial hoop recital of Polecats Manila (Stellar goes Pop)! I’ve been holding back mostly because I’m not confident enough I’d be able to deliver. And since it’s my favorite apparatus I really want it to be perfect.

Summer for aerialists like us means more training. For many studios, recitals are scheduled after summer so it is always a bummer to choose between going on vacation and training for a show. But yes you can do both as long as you can manage your time.

This is a new era for my photography. From basic standing poses, I’ve tried pole, silks and hoop which all require full coverage in terms of lighting. I used to feel sorry for myself that I’ll never be able to afford expensive lighting equipment. Uhmmm okay, I guess I still can’t afford those but I’ve come to realize it’s all a matter of focusing on your subject, on your environment and on your restrictions as a photographer. Now I’m able to improvise diffusing light using basic and yes cheap equipment. I’ve experimented a lot and many of those setups did not work out but I think I wouldn’t have understood what I really needed if I didn’t try them all.

My next stop is to have more aerial shoots, more theatrical and conceptual themes and yes I am excited to expand to fitness photography! My eyes are on MMA, crossfit, FMA and calisthenics. Wish me luck! Message me if you have an idea or if you want to collaborate! Cheers!

fish variation
Fish Variation – Aerial Hoop – Shayne

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