Women and Muscle

“That’s really disgusting.”

That’s probably the worst I got about my muscles. But you see I understand. These people are seeing these kinds of women for the first time. These people have never seen this much muscle on women. Even I never thought it was possible. Why? Because, ladies and gentlemen, WOMEN HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS STRONG. Women have never trained side by side with men. No, not this many. Never to this extent. So yes I get it that many still don’t.

It won’t happen overnight. I doubt if a decade or even two will be enough. The idea of women and muscle has yet to be accepted. But no, I won’t wait to be accepted to be fit, healthy and happy. You shouldn’t too.

It’s hard not to listen to what everyone is saying, I know. But know that this is just the beginning. We have yet to grow. We have yet to outgrow what has been known. We have yet to show the world what else we can be.


Here’s Kayleen Ortiz with a mean plank! Photography and lighting by me!


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