Updates: February 2018

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, 10 posts up on my blog since January!  I sound like myself again, blogging and taking pictures. But oh no, I’ve completely neglected my crafts blog! Plus I feel guilty there’s no progress in trying to produce my package-free soap. Sometimes I really wish I can narrow my interests a bit but the truth is that I can’t. Haha!

January has been all about fitness. It wasn’t intentional but I usually want to break it in early in the year so I did in all of the exercises I do (aerial hoop, pole, crossfit and calisthenics) and joined Kayleen’s mighty fit challenge. Yes I would say it has been busy and oh so tiring.

This February, I focused on photography. It just so happened that Photoworld Asia 2018 is scheduled from Feb 1-6. On top of the week-long talks and seminars, I also had shoots. I had a group handstand shoot at Footworks Dance Studio, an acro shoot in a Camera Cart Studio and a pole shoot at Polecats Manila Studio. Oh and there was also a lot of cooking this month (prepared brunch for my mom’s friends, for my nephew’s birthday and for my sister’s birthday)!.

This coming March, it will be all about videography. I thought I’d be done with themes by the third month but well… Cinematography and Mastering Adobe Premiere classes are scheduled at SHOOT Practical Videography School. Unbelievable. Since I’ve been following the theme anyway I should also work on getting footage for video editing. Also looking at taking time lapse footage especially after seeing Bong Bajo’s work (he’s a genius)!

I am lagging behind but as long as I’m being productive I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. Cheers for 10 posts! 28661418_2298660990151451_5697889256829432414_n

I seem to be on top of things! Hahaha! That’s Joed, Camille and me on top!



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