The Best Fitness Coach


I’ve been itching to write about my pet peeves but I am trying to be more positive these days so I’ll focus on what makes a fitness coach instead!

  1. A good coach needs to be an expert in time management. If they make the most of every session then they make the client’s time worthwhile. They plan ahead to execute an organized class.
  2. Many are natural leaders but more than those skills, the teacher needs to be “in control” without being intimidating. Often this just means knowing when to call out students who are disrupting the class and how to pick up the class from there. It’s knowing where to draw the line.
  3. A coach needs to be articulate enough to make sure clients understand the form or the exercise. This is not only in terms of jargons. Delivery and demonstration are as important. If there is a need, they’ll be able to explain what it is for, how to prep for it, how to get out of it, what the contact points are, what things to watch out for and what the proper progression is.
  4. A good coach can teach anyone and with much pleasure! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or someone who is already better than most of the teachers. A good fitness coach will always know how to make your game better. They will recommend exercises, other classes or other coaches based on your goals and needs.
  5. Lastly, an effective coach is a good listener and this is not only in terms of what their students tell them. Coaches would be able to identify problems such as why something isn’t “happening”. They know when it is time to progress so you won’t waste your time with a regimen that you’ve outgrown. Just the same, they can tell if you need to rest to avoid fatigue or regress to avoid injuries.

Does that make sense?

I train at Calibarzz, Alpha Strike, Footworks Dance Studio and Polecats Manila! I do body weight exercises, calisthenics, poledancing and aerial hoop. Shoot me a question!

*photo was taken during an aerial hoop class at Polecats Manila.





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