Goals (after Photo World Asia)


I really enjoyed the talks during Photo World Asia 2018. My favorite part was how dedicated (and how different) the photographers were in taking that single shot. It was also something that some of the speakers were generous enough to spoon feed us practical formulas that we can try out right away. I really think that the best are those who teach everything they know because in the end you still need to be artistic to translate all the tech into something yours.

I really want to get moving so for this post I will list down ways how I’ll make sure the things I learned won’t go to waste.

  1. blog about it – done!
  2. join a f*cking contest
  3. try time lapse (researched on where to shoot landscape)
  4. organize my notes (reviewed it the other day)
  5. get an assistant for an outdoor shoot
  6. style for someone
  7. more collaborations (set one with April!)
  8. print a photo (or two)
  9. start playing around with Adobe Premiere
  10. work on staged portraits again, huhuhu!

Some are easy, others are hard. Wish me luck!



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