Joining Mighty Fit Challenge

I wouldn’t say day 1 was easy but I did manage doing it after a session at Calibarzz so I ‘d say it wasn’t that bad.

For day 2, I didn’t even finish the workout. It was a big blow because I know I am stronger than the average. Mixed it all up. I’m used to having defined number of reps for each of the exercises for AMRAP and not rounds. It was also the longest AMRAP I encountered in my life. Regular ones go for 4-6 minutes. Other times I encountered 8 or 12 or even 16 minutes long. But I’ve never encountered an AMRAP that is 27 minutes long.

For Day 3, it was joining a group class which is something that I regularly do. I wanted something else so my pole partner and I decided we’ll go try Planaforma soon. We couldn’t do it on the actual day though but yes the handstand training was a new group class though I decided to attend before joining Mighty Fit Challenge.

Day 4 was way easy because it was all about nutrition. I have been avoiding fast foods for some time and we eat less and less processed food at home so it was a breeze. Not only that, I prepared for everyone in our house. I took the stairs to the studio too.

I did the Day 5 workout with my nephew Sikhay. I was so surprised that he joined me. I think it was because I told him it’s a challenge and I’d be posting it online. Sure only his first 3 pushups were perfect, but the set of 200 jumping jacks sure was a good exercise for a grade schooler!

Day 6 is running (something that I hate) but with Phil’s help (and papa’s driving), I ended up going to UP. Did two rounds at the oval (with some walking/light jog in between). Was very much pleased that I still did it.

Day 7 like Day 2 was a pain! I chopped it up into 5 days the moment I saw the workout. I know I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t even if I could. I know I’m stubborn but all I want is to finish with dignity. Hahaha!

Up next, I’ll tell you about the things I learned in joining this challenge (maybe you can join next year)!


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