We heart Masungi Georeserve!

Here I’ll write about things we love about Masungi Georeserve.

IMG_8172 - Copy

I enjoyed the scenery despite being partial to the beach (and other bodies of water). It was really a break that city dwellers need. The skyline and the 360 view at one of the peaks were worthwhile. I’m sorry I suck at landscape photography!

IMG_8430 - CopyThe trail and landscaping was noteworthy. I know it sounds trivial but I really love the work they did on making it safe without making it stick out like a sore thumb. Everything is intentional, organic and efficient.

Swings & Chairs at Stops – I also liked the stops. I swear it was so hard to get up from the chairs and swings. Haha! It was tastefully fun yet comfortable and natural. One of the stops had a place for heating water and it really made me curious about the night trail!

IMG_8625-Silayan Dining Room also made it to my top 5 for the food, the ambiance and the view. I mean can we really not reserve without going through the trail? Haha! Surely I’ll have a separate post for that.

Entertaining and Educational! – We also loved our guide Kuya Marshall who was an entertaining host. He made sure we learned something from the short stops. He also assisted us when we were doubtful of ourselves in certain parts of the trail. Even if we are not used to destinations with 101 rules, it’s totally worth it!

Up next, I’ll write about some reminders if you are planning a trip to Masungi Georeserve.


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