Digitizing Workshop by Googly Gooeys

I really liked the preview for this workshop so I jumped right in and I’m so grateful that I did. I dreaded that it would be too technical for those who have zero background in Adobe Illustrator. It turned out just right for us!

I have background in Powerpoint, Photoshop and Silhouette Cameo software and all have been surprisingly useful for Illustrator. The course outline and hands-on part were just perfect for beginners like me. It was definitely nothing too stressful to make me lose interest. Here, I’ll jot down projects I can do using what I’ve learned.

  1. Vectors! – Oh my god this has been long overdue. I’m so happy!
  2. Posters – I am not talking about complicated ones, just graphics I can also use for social media in place of photos.
  3. Handwritten font! – I am not a fan of calligraphy or brush lettering (mainly because there are so many good ones out there) but I would be interested in trying them out again just to make my own set.
  4. Logos – This is taking it too far but perhaps I can get started with designing logos again because it’s 1000x easier!
  5. PDF Proposals –  hahaha! Okay now it’s off the roof! But yeah, I like the idea of doing presentations with this. Yay!

But in the meantime let me make shapes. Wow!!! Go on sign up for the next one!


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