Pole Shoots by A.K.A. Raya

One of my ulterior motives when I was just starting out in poledancing was finding models to pose for me. Haha! My goal then was to have 10 pole shoots with different muses and themes. I’ve exceeded that number now! It doesn’t count though. I mean it took too long and well I didn’t have themes for the recent shoots I had but I’m thrilled nonetheless.

I had shoots with Jodi, Tippi, George, Celine, Footworks Inter Girls, Jodi again, Ate Jeck, Lian, CD, Makati Pole Athletes, Joed and Camille, CD again and Kayleen. 13 shoots in all! This includes pole, floorwork, chair, acro yoga and silks.

Oh look my first four photos with themes! l-r George, Tippi, Celine and Jodi. Thank you guys! I will slowly add the other shoots (all 13 soon)!

So far I took on:

  1. front lighting
  2. group shot
  3. ambient plus flashlight
  4. continuous light
  5. reflective umbrella and flash
  6. silhouette
  7. flash/soft box with a reflector
  8. outdoors
  9. using other lighting implements
  10. balancing flash and ambient lighting

Here are things I’ve yet to work on:

  1. low key lighting
  2. freezing motion with flash
  3. motion blur (flash and continuous)
  4. outdoor with lighting implements
  5. gels

What’s the point of all these? Well, Kayleen asked me what my goal is with all these. I didn’t have an answer for her that time. Honestly, I am always scared of setting expectations because I can’t deal with disappointment. Haha! But here goes nothing…

The goal is to have as much shoots as I can until such a time when I’d have the skills, confidence, team and resources to have a full production for staged aerial shoots at the studio and on location. It doesn’t seem attainable. For now, I research, practice and experiment. Cheers!


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