Reflections on Muni Meet

There is so much to talk about after attending my first Muni Meet. I’m quite overwhelmed and I don’t know where to begin. I’ll stick to the basics first, okay?

  1. You can’t be too young or too old to start. Everyone can do something about it and I mean everyone.
  2. Half of it is talking about and doing gross things. Someone’s got to do it. Fun!
  3. Don’t overthink it. Zero waste is impossible for an average person. You will have countless relapses and there will be times you’d feel it’s hopeless. Do not let these things stop you from doing something more.
  4. This fight is everyone’s. Try not to focus on people who don’t seem to care about it. Do what you can to encourage and help out without shaming others who are doing less than you do.
  5. We all have to start somewhere. You can’t address everything in one go. Take baby steps and if it becomes stifling, take a step back, breathe and think of new strategies.

P.S. I really feel guilty when I open new blogs and accounts as I have too many already and I know I wouldn’t be able to maintain all of them. But you know what? If it’s on Zero Waste, I shouldn’t. I will publicize that one even if it’ll only have a few posts. I promise.



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