Flag Football Game!

21744280_10214244261324912_2147363505_nI recently played flag football again after over 2 years. I haven’t gotten into crossfit and calisthenics at the time so I had expectations. I never really was a natural and I still ask myself how the hell I lasted playing for years. I mean I’m not really a sprinter. I’m not at all aggressive. And most importantly, I’m terrified of the ball. It’s the perfect time to see how much I’ve changed.

One thing for sure, my cardio did improve. I’ll always avoid doing cardio when I can but the fact that I did not run out of breath was enough to prove that I’m a lot stronger. I was kind of hoping that it would have an effect on my throw. I mean I have relatively stronger upper body than most but apparently it still boils down to technique and practice (OMG please teach me!). The muscles that hurt after the game were far different from the hurt I get from squats, jog and run. It was still quads but more of the upper part (femoris?) and not the ones closer to the knees. It also extended to the hip flexors and obliques.

I’ve underestimated flag football. Even if we take a lot of breaks and only have short sprints, it’s a different muscle group altogether. I really felt the stretch afterwards. Lastly, cardio didn’t help when it came to running after the other team especially when they shifted from side to side. We don’t really do drills and change direction in the box. All I could do was look back when once they shifted to the opposite direction. It was frustrating. So running on the field is way different. What I’m trying to say is whatever it is that you do, you probably get something that you won’t get from another sport.

No, I didn’t say I’ll get back to it. Haha! Oh, happy birthday Phil!


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