Goals: Self (WTH)

I don’t really know if I can add anything else for self-improvement as all the activities I’m into are for that. I craft, exercise, collect, eat, cook, drink, dance, take pictures and write. What else is left to do?! What else but look pretty! If there is anything that I tend to overlook it really is taking care of myself. I no longer shop for clothes. I don’t go to salons to get haircuts and treatments. I don’t go see doctors just because I feel like nothing is bothering me that much. I remember what my aunt told me before when I said I didn’t take medicine for asthma because I could still manage. She told me my body is taking a beating because I am too proud to take medication. In reality, there is nothing strong about not taking care of your body. You are only being lazy and selfish. Now be responsible and take action!

  1. dentist
  2. dermatologist
  3. gynecologist
  4. physiotherapy
  5. buy underwear
  6. address allergies
  7. eat more fruits and vegetables
  8. do your nails
  9. get a haircut
  10. clean your room

Ladies and Gents, 5 posts on goals all in all! I must be manic! Yes I am. Do check the other four posts on my goals in photography, crafts, fitness and reducing waste. Hopefully, these lists would also inspire you to work on your own. Because really, lists are plain awesome!


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