Goals: Crafts!

My crafting took a step back when I revived photography but not for long! Crafts is the best thing that happened to me in my art-frustrated life! I always thought I’ve no talent and I’m not gifted with anything and I’ll never be more than a spectator. But crafts, being less intimidating, made me try more things and made me discover things about myself.

1. leather notebook covers
2. leather dyeing/tooling
3. machine embroidery
4. machine sewing
5. custom embroidery design
6. graphic design software
7. video editing software
8. video entries on Instagram
9. masks
10. cups

More or less I’ve laid out the foundation for these but I need to do more and I need to somehow turn it to a money-making endeavor. This means focusing on the most promising ones to be turned into a business and not be distracted with more crafts. To me, this sounds awful. In my head, profit is synonymous to greed. haha! I don’t know where I got that concept but I sure do want to undo it.

11. undo it.

Haha! Good morning and good night!


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