Goals: Fitness

IMG_5996----This is already the 3rd in a series of posts on setting goals for my underachiever self. I’ll try to set priorities as apparently, I have none! The first two posts were on photography and my attempt on reducing waste. This one will focus on fitness.

I’m not lacking in physical activities but I think I can push myself more and fine-tune goals I want to achieve. I think it is very important in fitness as your program should be designed based on them. My problem is that I’m rebellious by nature and I often go against things I have to do. I downplay everything just because I want to be effortless. And in doing so I mostly end up being a lesser version of myself. Ah I know it doesn’t make sense, even I hate that about myself!

Anyway, here goes nothing:

  1. front lever and back lever
  2. get back on aerial hoop
  3. back and shoulder flexibility
  4. collection of my pole splits!
  5. handstand training
  6. get back on aerial silk
  7. handstand/backbend progression/training
  8. muscle up
  9. straddle split training
  10. Physiotherapy


Oh no, this list is I think by far is the most difficult to accomplish because these are from different fields. Somehow I haven’t been able to choose between calisthenics, pole, hoop, silks and crossfit. Each has its merits you see. I think I love hoop the most but I feel it’s not enough exercise. Crossfit I believe is the complete workout and I don’t think I’ll ever quit it but it’s just training. There are no tricks and dancing happening in the box! Calisthenics is not only the most accessible, the training it provides is perfect for my aerial goals. And then of course pole and silk are just too pretty to abandon.


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