Goals: In a DIY Spree!

I never looked back since I started using DIY liquid hand soap, shampoo, deo, body wash and cleaning solution. I thought I’d just give it a shot but it was fairly simple and I didn’t find a reason to stop. While I haven’t reintroduced the nth version of my DIY liquid dishwashing soap to our kitchen, it’s more or less final so that’s another box checked.

We buy eggs sans the plastic trays. We buy cooking oil in tin in bulk. We buy condiments in glass bottles. I am targeting the everyday consumables first before solving other trash management issues. But in our house it makes sense to find sources for turmeric powder and virgin coconut oil in glass bottles as well. I’m also done with those two! I also try to fix items instead of throwing them out like the shoes I use for my workout and heels I use for formal occasions). And finally we bring containers to the fish market when we buy seafood.

I know we have a long way to go but it’s nice to think and write about little victories especially when you come from nothing. It’s surprising that it’s just as exciting to write about new goals. Here are the things in line for me and my attempt to reduce waste:

  • DIY laundry soap powder
  • DIY toothpaste (plus bamboo toothbrush)
  • DIY moisturizer
  • DIY pet shampoo
  • DIY bleach and softener
  • find sources for fresh milk
  • find sources for sugar in glass bottles
  • find sources for coco sugar and muscovado in glass bottles

On to my next goals list! So many things to accomplish. Bring it on!



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