First Commissioned Pole Shoot

Makati Pole Athletes
Makati Pole Athletes/The Bulb Studios/August 2017

I played it safe through and through. You see I’m used to shooting an individual at a time so I knew I’d be pressed for time. I had every reason to panic. As it happens, this first commissioned shoot was also the first studio rental and the first time I used lights that weren’t mine. I came really early and had everything set up. I brought an extra camera for back up. My own lights were also set up just in case I have a hard time using theirs. I was actually ready for other lighting setups but we had little time to experiment. All in all, I thought we did great.

I had 8 models with 3 poses each which gives me around 5 minutes per pose (it was a 3-hour shoot). It’s hard enough to perfect a pose in less than 5 minutes let alone re-position lights. So I flooded the pole with lighting so that any pose will do. I do hope I’ll have more time to play around with lighting in my next projects.

It’s not only limited to pole shoots, I think you need to pace yourself and aim for something less instead of forcing finishing everything in such a short span of time. It’s very hard for me but I am slowly learning. For instance, I used to force doing makeup, styling and “stage design” for a shoot that I hardly ever have anything left for photography itself. Still, not bad at all!

Wouldn’t you agree?!

Up next, I’ll write a short and sweet goals list for shoots! Cheers!



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