Video Lighting and Post-Production

I know, I know. Taking up another video class is self-indulgent especially that I haven’t really applied anything I learned from the first one I attended. So here I list down reasons why I just had to.


  1. It’s just cheap so what have I got to lose? Soon the prices will hike up and I’d regret not taking it when I can.
  2. Learning always does you good. Some like learning at the office, some love watching documentaries, others like reading books, I like attending workshops!
  3. Familiarize yourself with jargons. No, no, no, not to impress people but for you to have keywords so you’d know what to search for when you try to find online tutorials.
  4. Get a rundown on available gear and equipment. Understanding what’s in the market makes you a wiser consumer plus even if you don’t buy anything it’s just fun to do windowshopping!
  5. You’ll probably pick something up. I mean come on! I really think it’s impossible not to discover something useful whether it is for stills or moving pictures. One way or another you can apply something in what you want to do or be inspired to do something else.

Here’s to the next one I will be attending!


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