Mid-year Update

I’ve gotten used to Instagram now (something that I didn’t want to get into before)! If you want to know what I’ve been up to when I have no posts here, all you have to do is take a peek at my Instagram accounts: @aka.raya (for my crafts) and @ina.bites (for lifestyle posts). You can also check my other WordPress account which is all about my crafting adventures.


Moving on… It’s the middle of the year!!! I can’t deny I am manic.

In crafts, I’ll be getting my hands on sewing, embroidery and leather craft. These are all new to me so expect me to be oh-so-engrossed. In aerial arts, I’ll be waiting until Stellar season (recital) is over until I get back to my aerial game. In photography, I plan to practice a few more DIY lighting setups before I convince muses to pose for me. I also have plans of attending an advanced videography seminar.

In reducing waste, hmmm I feel like putting up a separate post for that so for now I’ll just tell you that I still haven’t perfected my D.I.Y. dishwashing soap so I can totally get plastic tubs out of my life.

In cooking, I’ve yet to get back to making homemade pasta, itemize measurements for my recipes and try and make homemade sausages (maybe attend a workshop for this). I still have no money for an Adobe Illustrator workshop but I hope I can attend one. It’d be really useful in everything I do.

More than ever! Cheers!


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