In a DIY Spree: Fight Lab

img_1299You know I’ve been expecting a lot of trial and error in this latest endeavor of mine but so far I’ve been doing fairly well in producing homemade toiletries and other cleaning essentials. I never thought I’d go this far but since I am not slowing down I am due for a list. I love lists!

  • 1 liquid hand soap
  • 2 soothing balm
  • 3 deodorant paste
  • 4 spray-on deodorant
  • 5 shampoo
  • 1.2 liquid hand soap (moisturizing)


Here I will talk about my hurdles in going natural and switching to homemade.

Research – Through a lot of research, you’d be able to pin down the recipe for what you need. Really it’s just like finding a recipe for chicken wings but of course it can still be overwhelming so you need to invest a lot of time.

Sourcing – There are actually many online-based shops that deliver. However, since I wanted to assess what others have to offer this step was rather time-consuming. I went to random shops around the metro trying to remember the most practical options for raw materials. Ah yeah, going to all these shops can also be synonymous to a buying spree.

The first bulk – Speaking of a buying spree, there was no other way but to start stocking materials up. I was not sure if it would work but I had to jump and do it anyway. Since many come in bulk you won’t have a choice even if you only need a teaspoon for your project.

Packaging – I was really tempted to buy ember bottles and tin bottles with a pump so everything would look clean and uniform but it would defeat the purpose of my DIY project which is to reduce waste. Also, it did not occur to me that it was just not practical to use glass bottles in the bathroom. It’s still safest to use plastic so yes I decided to reuse those old shampoo and hand wash containers.

Recipe adjustments – It’s hard to choose between various DIY recipes and even harder to choose between scents especially that you can have it any way you want. For instance I could not choose between powdered, cream or liquid deodorant. And when I finally did choose one, I was torn between lavender, tea tree, rose and calamansi as well as combinations of all of these.

Anyway, I am still having a lot of fun and I’ve been using what I’ve been making so everything seems to be just fine. I used “Fight Lab” to call my experiments because of the movie Fight Club. Hehe.





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