DIY Home: Making the First Step



Let’s get down to business! My gift to myself this Christmas is to start using more DIY products at home or at least purchase more sustainable ones. My plan is to start with shampoo. Shampoo partly because they come in plastic containers and I think the transition wouldn’t be so hard. I am not at all brand-conscious when it comes to toiletries and cosmetics and yeah maybe you can say I have very low standards too. Soap, of course, is something that we also use everyday but at least the packaging is just carton.


From shampoo, yes I have grandiose plans of shifting to DIY soap, toothpaste, deodorant, antibacterial handwash, dishwashing paste and laundry detergent but let us not get carried away. I am not so sure about these because they are more practical than just cleaning your hair (for me). I mean it would be complicated if they don’t work as desired.


But yes I have started looking into it and my interest surprised me. I have been researching non-stop for two days now trying to look at various recipes and finding out where to get them in Manila. I am excited to take the next step which is get all of them so that I can start making them from scratch and trying them on before developing the recipe again. I am after making my personal stash but yes selling is a possibility. It’s probably more practical to make big batches and I won’t be able to finish all of them due to their shelf life so the solution is sell them.


It scares me really. I am scared to fail. I worry of being lazy and impatient. If I reverted to my consumerist self right away will everyone persecute me more than before I expressed my desire to change? Hahaha!


Anyway, I hope that I would be able to convince myself that attempts are never futile. Wish me luck!

*The picture is my homemade wood butter I have used for my serving boards. I think it’s my first and only DIY concoction to date. haha!



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