Workshops: Basic Video Production

You can’t imagine how thrilled I am to finally be able to attend a video production workshop no matter how basic it was. I always found it interesting but it has never been accessible (affordable) until DSLRs came up with HD shooting modes.

This workshop cost me only 500 pesos (originally it was 1000 pesos but I got a discount because of my purchase from Henry’s Professional). I seriously still can’t believe a workshop as such exists! Check out what else M2 Studio has to offer.

So what did we cover?

We were introduced to some technical aspects (yet very basic) of videos including differences in SD cards, aspect ratio and frames per second. My favorite part of course was their discussion on lens, movement, perspective and composition. Lastly, we were introduced to mic accessories for better audio alternatives.

We were also asked to do some kind of a super short film with a group. And our entry won because of my super hardcore group mates who took it to the next level! I got to bring home a Sony jacket because of that.


Really it’s nothing fancy but from here we’ll be able to decide what’s next for us. Plus learning about the basics helps in finding useful tutorials online! Yeah!


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