First Batch of Homemade Pasta


And just like that, my first every batch of handmade pasta is finished. I opted to make half a kilo first just in case I miserably fail. I took a workshop late last year. While my friend gave me a pasta maker (after my dad refused to spend more for my 1001 hobbies), I just didn’t have the motivation to try it out until now. I was able to convince myself now is the perfect time to try it out because my friends and I will be having a get together this weekend because one of our friends got engaged! She’s actually the first among us so of course it is a big deal!

I’m glad! My noodles seemed fluffy and my lemon zest needed to be finer but otherwise it was alright. The handle of the pasta maker hit my big toe when it fell to the floor and I forgot to use a bowl when I was mixing all the ingredients but otherwise it was alright. I did not struggle in using the pasta maker and the kitchen was not a complete mess. This will actually work!


My family tried the first batch. It’s lemon pasta with garlic shrimp in olive oil. Mama, papa, my sister Karla, my brother Karlos and my boyfriend Phil were able to sample it. Cheers!


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