Weekend Menu:

We went on a 2-day beach trip in Batangas. I knew there we’d be eating a lot but I didn’t know it was going to be a feast through and through. Since we were able to borrow the place for free, all funds were channeled to, you guessed it, food! I really can’t begin to describe how grand it was and the photos aren’t much help as they’re not from my camera. Haha. But I’m thankful Phil still took photos using his phone. He knows I love documenting and I often can’t if I have to cook or make preparations before the meals. The best part is that we had minimal junk food and we didn’t even have a single serving of soda. Can you believe that? Almost everything that was served was made from scratch! It was full of loving!

Day 1:

hotdogs eggs
yoghurt and mango

binagoongang adobo
adobong hilaw
mango and wansuy salad
banana in syrup


chili con carne
sour cream and cream cheese dip
lettuce and salsa


Day 2:
banana pancakes with maple syrup
tapa and eggs
smoked bangus
melon slices




Peeter’s birthday dinner:
bean paste soup
kutchay dumplings
inihaw na liempo
garden salad
Peeter’s Cider


Day 3:
kimchi eggs
binagoongan rice
leftovers: salpicao, tapa, mechado
french toast with maple syrup
sunny side up eggs


plus drinks!
Andy Player
Emperador Light

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