Stuff: 2016

The day after Christmas my boyfriend and I were trying to decide where to go “shopping”. He asked me what it was I wanted to get and even if I knew the answer to that question, I told him he should decide. I didn’t want to be selfish. More importantly, the places where I can get them aren’t exactly what you can call typical shops.

Where I wanted to go:

  1. Polymer Products Inc. (Pasig) – I want to get started with resin projects before I start to forget what I learned in my first resin workshop. I also want to know what else they have I can play with and check out what other interesting workshops they have to offer.
  2. Craft and Novelty (LRI Design) – I just love window shopping/buying crafts stuff! This is also where I get my Cameo accessories. A new mat and perhaps some pen holders are due.
  3. Italian food source (Makati) – After my fresh pasta workshop, the natural thing for me to do is to make as many batches as I can so I can practice. It was quite surprising that I enjoyed it despite the fact that pasta isn’t exactly a favorite dish.
  4. MK (Rosario) – As a home cook this is a haven for tools and other supplies. Plus since they have a lot of wooden kitchenware, it is also a dreamland for the pyrographer in me. This is where I get some of the stuff I want to hand-burn.
  5. Dapitan Arcade – This is also another place where I can get stuff I can design and then resell because they’re unique, cheap and plain.
  6. Print and Tees (Quezon Ave.) – This is where I plan to source my vinyl. If they have other accessories for cameo, well it wouldn’t hurt to have a more accessible place where I can splurge. hahaha

Plus there’s Deeco for electronic stuff, Ritual for food items, chemical lab materials in Espana, specialty beer shops and many others! I told you I’m no ordinary girl. As you can see, I know very well what I will be busy with in the first quarter of this year. Hurray for productivity this 2016!IMG_1349

Also, first prints of my cutouts! Follow me on Instagram!



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