Fresh Pasta Workshop Review

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For the record I am not exactly a fan even though I do cook pasta for family and friends. A fresh pasta workshop would have been the last thing on my mind. However, my aunt who is based in Quezon wanted it badly. I thought maybe I should accompany her. Plus with the recent well-publicized health concerns regarding charred meats and processed foods, I thought it was timely. Lastly, papa likes pasta and a wide selection would be best for a café (something he has always dreamed of when he retires).

I totally recommend this workshop and I’ll give you three good reasons. Even if you have no inkling in cooking, the demo on sauces is basic enough to follow. Two, for the more serious ones who really want to make batches after batches of fresh pasta, the workshop allows you to try 8 different kinds and also explains how you can explore using other ingredients. Third, it explains how to use and take care of your pasta maker and trying it out is quite a feast. The demo on fancy pasta like ravioli is just a bonus. 2  3

  • 8 different kinds of fresh pasta: porcini, lemon, spinach, tomato paste, blue curacao, squid ink, natural, onion powder
  • 5 traditional recipes: bolognese, frutti de mare, pesto, carbonara, lasagna
  • total of 6 hours
  • merienda and dinner (pasta of course!)
  • handout of recipes and other relevant information on fresh pasta and sauces

IMG_0858 IMG_0852 IMG_0742 IMG_0738

Surprisingly I enjoyed it thoroughly and I actually want to get supplies soon so I can try making my original recipe. Now I want to sell fresh pasta. Life is crazy.



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