Exporting my Life (Updates)

The blogging world has always been tricky. I’ve always been torn between something personal or something more publicized. I worry of discretion and privacy. I want to be more accommodating but at the same time I want to be my self (exclusive and intimidating to some extent). Even deciding on the name and the content has always been a struggle. It’s just that I don’t want to get stuck so I veer away from labels as much as I can.

I don’t want to be seen as a one-dimensional character, plain and predictable. I mean who would want that. Besides I’m not. Hell, I doubt that very much. But yes it does complicate a lot of things.

12248831_10154271065589688_15456606_nThus my pages branched out into as much as 10 separate blogs (here on WordPress). I’ve got a blog as a foodie, a photographer, a hoarder, a poledancer, a traveler, a writer, a vegetarian cook, a crafter and as a romantic. And just when I thought I’ve seen it all, I also put up one as a housewife (though I am not married and I don’t have a kid)! This list of course, includes only the recent ones. I had multiple blogs since Tabulas, LiveJournal, Blogger and Multiply days. So maybe (just maybe) you can say I am a prolific writer.

I just imported my “life” from one blog and I’m about to meld it with another exported WordPress blog. Let’s see if this works shall we? So for now, I’ve melded my food, travel, fitness and random shorts into one blog. I put my romanticized text on private (that was the original content of this blog). But for now I will leave my pole and craft blogs as is.

Welcome to my new space!

I’m wearing a fancy dress and an apron in the photo.



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