Falling and Getting Back Up

My whole life is under construction so I’m sorry if my thoughts are left unattended. I wasn’t sure where to put this up. First, I thought it best to publish it on my latest blog after all I’m most active as a “crafter” these days. Partly, it’s because there’s this (more) popular blogger with roughly the same name plus the URL is generic and sounds nothing like me. Meanwhile, the other one has my name, my name!

Anyway, I’ve been battered with losses this year and I have given up trying to win. Rather than fight, I’m in this “take it all” mood. I’m spent. But of course I do say yes if things are thrown my way. So when coupons for aerial hoop classes in Ortigas were exhausted and new ones came out at Footworks, I got those. When a CrossFit Alpha Strike near our house announced a big discount for the holidays, I grabbed the opportunity. When my aunt said she wanted to learn how to make pasta from scratch, I found her just that and enrolled with her. When the resin workshop was announced, I signed up. And of course, I said yes for the very first time to pricing/selling my stuff.

I’m pretty much booked. Don’t let this fool you though because I’m still as lost as ever. Keep going even if you aren’t sure where you’re going.


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