Ramen Night!

When I was in college, I dreamed of throwing parties doing everything from start to end. And I made that happen many, many times on occasions such as my birthday, my boyfriend’s birthday, despedida and welcome home parties, holidays and whatever reason I can find. Most of the time I cook for 6-15 people and I prepare 2-5 viands. I plan it, buy ingredients, chop away, cook and wash the dishes after. I don’t gush when people are impressed because I put a lot of hard work and yes I kind of spend hard-earned money for it.

Whenever I throw such a party, I always try to think of new gimmicks. Not so long ago I fantasized about throwing one with soup kitchen as a theme. In my head, there was a big black cauldron and people will fall in line so I can give them a ladle of steaming hot soup. In my head, it was raining.

So, Ramen Night was TSG’s (my flag football team) first taste of my Ramen. This 4th version has sake, enoki mushrooms, Shitake mushrooms, miso, fresh ramen and bokchoy. I did two variants (pork and chicken). I then halved the pork variant and added chili to one. I think there is still room for improvement because it was too sour. I think I would have to skip putting vinegar and just let sake and miso help with the tang I am after. The next shot I have at ramen, I will try making lava eggs. Yay!

Can I just say that it was raining that night. It was perfect.


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