It’s September

I look back as my birthday month draws to a close and I got to say it’s not that bad. After over two months of inactivity, my doctor finally gave me the go signal to get back to it. I hit the gym, attended a poledancing class and also played a fun flag football game. Yes I’m back and I’m fantastically aching all over!11949436_10206142618417864_8294523740085472546_n

I turned 33 and idiotically planned writing 33 posts and put them all up on my birthday. I only got to 13 so that did not happen. But I am now on Instagram! I’ve been wanting to do that early this year but I’ve been stalling because I was too attached to my Tumblr site.


Apart from my birthday “trek”, I met up with a lot of my friends. I splurged on accessories for my cutter plotter so I can play with it more. I refurbished an old piece of furniture and let it sit in my room. And of course I hosted Ramen Night for my teammates, something that I’ve been putting off for some time.


So you see we can still turn things around even if more than half of the year has been spent. Here’s to more adventures!


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