Birthday Trek: I turned 33

Last year, it was an adult gymnastics class. This year, I went back to the stream in our province. I think it’s my third climb. I was with my boyfriend the first time and we didn’t have a guide or anything like that so it got pretty scary even if there was a path to follow. There was a farmer there who had 11 dogs yapping around us so it was quite awesome. And then mama, papa and my uncle’s wife went with us the second time we went there. Our trek was longer then. That time, we went to a part of the forest. My mom identified a lot of the plants and we also had a lot of photos taken.

This is the third so I had to think of new antics to make it special. We went there with a bunch of kids this time! The kids (my nephew and cousins) ended up swimming even if it was very cold. At first they were just splashing water but soon enough they were wet from head to toe. It was a riot! My uncle used to fish for shrimp and crablets so he showed Phil and my cousins where to find them. I brought Hungarian sausages, longganizang Lucban and hotdogs for grilling too because I wanted Sikhay to experience “cooking” in the woods. My uncle worked on making the fire but we did have a butane stove. I also had a lot of Yakult and Milo for the kids. Of course it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t roast marshmallows so we did!

I’ve been telling myself to go try swimming in the stream but I guess I would have to go back for that. I have fantasized about going there with kids and now that’s done. I keep on saying you can make ordinary days spectacular so you’ll never run out of ideas what to do on occasions as such. I wonder what I’ll do next year. Cheers!


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