Coccydynia in Manila I: Introduction

I recently injured myself from a fall resulting to coccydynia (pain in the tailbone area). I fell off the hoop which was about 6 feet high and my cousin who coincidentally had the same problem after falling on her butt while ice skating. I heard it’s fairly common in households (slipping in the kitchen or falling from a ladder or a chair while getting something from the shelves). Documenting everything is quite therapeutic but yeah maybe this series of posts can also serve as a guide for others who are anxious about their condition and recovery.

June 4 I fell.
June 7 I played flag football with difficulty.
June 8-13 I had regular pole and hoop classes but avoided sitting positions and bending positions.
June 14 I played football with almost no difficulty.
June 15-18 I had full pole and hoop classes but still avoided tricks where my tailbone will be in contact with the floor or the hoop.
June 19 Some moves from a light dance class triggered the pain and was even worse.
June 20 (Saturday) I went to two hospitals (Philippine Orthopedic Center and St. Luke’s) and was frustrated that there were no doctors available.
June 22 (Monday) I went to East Ave only to find out that all doctors will not be in for at least 3 weeks. I went to St. Luke’s and found out that 2 more doctors will not be in for at least a week. And the only doctor who was in had no more slots available so I reserved for the next day.
June 23 (Tuesday) I finally see a doctor. She gives me medicine and hands me a request for an X-ray.
June 24 I got my X-ray results.
July 9 I went back for another checkup and my doctor advises that I undergo 6 physical therapy sessions.
July 13 I had my first physical therapy session.


It was actually this pose that triggered the pain but I know it is the fall that really did the damage.

Up next, costs!

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