Fitness: Adult Gymnastics at Club Gymnastica

11046525_1095463537137875_8426411255582449867_nFollow up gymnastics classes after the first try on my birthday last year finally happened. As always it was thrilling. It’s perfect for people who wish to have more cardio variations. Their warm up is very thorough with balanced execises for both the upper and lower body. This means it is ideal for those who are after improving flexibility. You just have to tell your coach your goals so the exercise can be adjusted after all not a lot of people attend adult gymnastics. But more importantly this is the best class for people who always wanted to learn how to do handstands, cartwheels and backbends. Prepare yourself for endorphin-filled linework in doing what you shoukd have when you were in your teens. Prove everyone wrong that it is never too late and you are never too old to try something you want to do. On our third class this quarter my nephew Sikhay joined us. He learned quite fast compared to us who were quite old.Haha!


Meanwhile, some reminders.

  • Bring a water bottle although they sell drinks there.
  • You can’t go wrong with a hand towel because you’ll get really sweaty.
  • Bring hand soap, facial soap, towel and a change of clothes because the carpet tends to smell.
  • If you are diet conscious, bring baon. I think the nearest establishments include Tiendesitas, Eastwood and Rockwell but traffic is always a problem so have a snack before your commute/drive.
  • Bring friends! Because laughing and having fun is contagious!

I think I’ll post another one for my nephew’s class.


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