I ran my first run!

1-IMG_4095 - Copy

Running has always been hard for me. I hated getting the stitches. My knees always felt like seconds away from an injury. And it was just never fun. Maybe it’s psychological but I never got that high I get from other forms of exercises. I always tell people that if that’s the only way I get to trim flab to show off my toned muscles then never mind.

But the thing about never is that reasons will find you. I gave in and joined a fun run for the first time because it was a fundraising event for my nephew’s school facilities. My whole family was there and my cousins and their kids also went out of their way for the Isko Iska Takbo Na  UPIS K-2 Fun Run.

1-IMG_4128 - Copy

I wasn’t planning to finish the race but kids were cheering me on so it was kind of embarrassing to give up in the middle of it all. Besides, both my mom and dad finished despite being two of the last few who did so let’s just say I had to finish 4 rounds, a total of 2.4 km. Don’t laugh, I told you it’s not my thing.

So a big congratulations to me! hahaha. I was terrible.

IMG_4142 - Copy

Ah, I forgot that my boyfriend was with me!


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