Body Works: Poledancing Matters

It’s obvious that we need strength and flexibility doing stunts up and about the pole but these aren’t the only things that matter. Sure they give you an edge but other things (weird things), I discovered hold secrets for certain tricks.

  1. big hands If you ever played a sport with a ball you know that your grip matters. In pole having big hands means you can manipulate the pole more. You have more control in spins and your grip will make poses more stable as compared to those with smaller hands.
  2. long limbs While there are tricks where your long legs are quite a bother, long arms and legs can compensate for what you lack in flexibility. Those with long arms can reach far even without a bendy back or flexible hamstrings. Plus transitions where you have to weave in and out of your arms or legs will be easier because you have a lot of space to work with.
  3. type of skin Too much sweat and you’ll slip off the pole but the powdery feel of extra dry hands will just be as bad. The ideal skin type is actually somewhere in between. It has to be sticky yet far from wet. Thankfully, there are grip aids that would help you with this. Yes you are not alone!
  4. strategic fat pouches Okay this sounds wrong but it’s true. Inner thighs, armpits, tummy and back of knee are only some of the contact points where fat pouches may be practical in holding tricks. Much about pole tricks is skin contact and if you are too thin it may be harder for you to hold certain positions. You can still do them of course but not as easy as the ones with more curves.
  5. the art of letting go and finally, if you are a risk-taker you’ll always be one step ahead of those who are more calculating. It’s inevitable that you’ll get into mini accidents but teachers wouldn’t really ask you to do things that aren’t for your level. You’d surely excel in spins. Strength and flexibility suddenly take a seat back because all you need is your momentum. All that matters is letting go for that big swing or slide or drop.

But anyway few are gifted with everything so it all boils down to practice and dedication. There are so many tricks up the pole and I’d bet you’d find a favorite set and build on that. Plus you can always challenge yourself with nemesis tricks! Spin spin sugar!


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