Breaking in after the break

Hello 2015!

I wanted to tell you that I know it’s hard to go back to your health regimen after taking a break during the holidays. I for instance did an overkill. I drank beer almost everyday. There were many days I ended up having more than 2 cups of coffee. I had little sleep. I ate everything sweet, salty, fattening and sinful plus did little exercise.

Over the holidays, I did 6 pullups and had an hour of stretching at the gym in total. This was from Dec 17 to Jan 4 so like you I kind of hate how I feel. But slowly, quite slowly, I’m going back to “in moderation”. No, I am not the kind who is into crash diets every beginning of the year. I hope you aren’t too. After the hedonistic holidays that’s just plain torture for your tummy and your body. You are better than that.

Like you I had to drag myself to the studio and embarrass myself with my strength and flexibility. I have attended 2 hoop classes and last night I had back to back pole classes after I’m guessing more than a month. The first class after a long break is always the hardest. Soon I think I will also be confident enough to go back to silks.

My goals aren’t quite defined yet but I know I want to choreograph and dance with my boyfriend so I have to work hard on the pole. I just want to dance you know, no matter how corny that sounds. It makes me feel good.


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