Cooking for the Holidays

Over the holidays I had three major cookouts. One for my flag football team, another for friends from UST and the last one was for our house. Cooking is always strenuous especially if you do it like I do. I do everything on my own from going to the market, doing the groceries down to the food preparation and cooking (often I do the dishes too). I am not a chef but let’s just say my menus are always ambitious.

Still, there has been a lot of improvement. I am more relaxed as ever in doing it. I spend money and put a lot of effort for every eating affair to be a success. Yes of course I do it for my friends and family but I also do it for myself. I love doing it. I love it when people enjoy what I worked hard for. I love it when I finally get to sit down and rest after a day of cooking and hosting. It’s what satisfaction is all about.

stuff I cooked:

  1. soy sesame soup
  2. aligue pasta
  3. rosemary beef with white sauce
  4. kaldereta
  5. spinach and mushroom
  6. spicy gambas
  7. baked salmon
  8. garlic mushrooms
  9. chili con carne/spicy chili con carne with pineapple
  10. binagoongan with green mango
  11. beef morcon
  12. french toast with syrup

I don’t take pictures when I do the cooking but at least others do with their phones. Yay!

10404299_10153365538894256_3001073680949583032_n (1)

Yes, a Happy New Year to you as well!


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