Practice: All Play Pole Doubles Routine

I know it’s too early to cross this out from my wishlist but I still think it deserves a blog. Yes, I forced a “practice” for our all-play doubles routine before Jodi went on a vacation. Of course I also plan to do a “serious” solo piece but it didn’t seem right to get on with that without going back to where it all started. What I mean of course is that I got into this thing with Jodi, my forever aerial partner so it’s fitting to work on a personal piece with both of us in it.


Anyway, Jodi and I finally started playing around with our tricks and choreo. I lent my pole to my cousin and installed it in their office gym. It was spacious and it got mirrors so it was perfect. We didn’t get far. I just have a song and we tried a few tricks but it’s still good for start! Really, I’m so thrilled that this is actually happening. I never doubted myself. I know I’ll do it no matter how stupid the end product is. It was Jodi that I was worried about. I mean I don’t think people would trust anyone with their choreography after all I’m all talk and I haven’t worked on anything like this before. But she was there and she seemed happy with the very basic things we did.

It’s gonna happen. We’ll both make it happen. Eeeek!


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