A Shoot with Polecats

I was by myself when I received the invite to take pictures of the dance company’s video reel. I was squealing in between cussing as silently as I could. And after some time I told myself to breathe and keep my cool but of course I couldn’t. I was keying in replies and erasing it again. I wanted to sound excited because I really was but I didn’t want to sound agitated and all cuckoo. It would’ve been more problematic had it been a call.

Taking pictures of the Polecats had been an unspoken fantasy of mine. I never dared tell anyone because it was just too impossible. But yes once in awhile I’d imagine having the guts to approach one of them subtly asking if there’s a chance she can pose for me. I didn’t even consider taking pictures of the whole group because I don’t even do group shoots.

CD often asked me if I also drew whenever Jodi showed her illustrations. When I finally had my first shoot, I showed it to CD. She said it was lovely and asked me if I want to work with them. It was just what I needed to plan. The plan was to have 10 pole shoots before my birthday so that I can have the grit to work on a proposal for Polecats. Sadly, I only got to 4 shoots mainly because of Stellar. I was hoping that the shoot with Cali girls would put me back on track even if it is not a full-blown staged shoot but that also did not push through. Instead, I was asked to drop by and take pictures of Polecats and who the hell would ever say no.

I didn’t do much. I just took pictures. I didn’t meddle in styling, directing and lighting. I just quietly found me a spot and went trigger-happy. I can write at least a chapter more on emotions felt before, during and after the shoot but the bottom line is I lived a faerie tale and I am pleased with myself.

technicolor blog

This little dreamer thanks all of you for the wonderful opportunity, the inspiration and all the encouraging prodding! By the way, the Cali girls shoot is gonna happen on the 31st. Oh my!


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