I’m a Polecats Manila fan!

1-IMG_6676I’ve always looked up to Polecats as they are good at what they do. Of course I mean more than just dancing. It’s mostly because of how they teach, how they handle all kinds of students and how the whole group keeps its feet on the ground. But after seeing what they lived through a shoot and how they carried themselves, sleepless, tired, sore, stressed and overwhelmed with all sorts of stimuli around them, I’ve nothing else to say except that they’re crazy! Polecats is the new black.

I was invited to take pictures during a shoot they had and it was my first time to see them work (other than teaching and performing). There were no prima donnas. I never heard them whine even though I know many had their reasons to do so. Most of the rants I heard in my 12-hour stay were from the manongs who were complaining either because it’s late and they want to sleep on their own beds (because they were sleeping on couches in a spacious air-conditioned room). The Polecats who were inhaling spray net, scuffed and bruised, cold in their costumes, half-wretching, half asleep, stoked with all the sugar, caffeine and endorphins did not complain. They said they were fine every time they had to do a trick again and again even though the burns, scratches and bruises said otherwise. They said they’re good even though they had bloodshot eyes. They gave the nod of approval and the thumbs up even as they were gassing out and sweating like crazy.

Actually many asked how I was doing which to me was very weird because what I was doing was nothing compared to their grand circus.


Congratulations to the company and to the whole team. You’re all more than perfect! I’m so excited for you guys. Can’t wait to post the other photos.


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