Club Gymnastica – Adult Gymnastics

Of course the idea came to me as I was planning the trip to Club Gymnastica. I thought it would be really cool to manage a cartwheel and post it on Facebook on my birthday but yes I readily dismissed it because it’s too soon to expect.

I went there with fellow ringleaders (Aerial hoop/lyra artists) to share my hype and anxiety. The walk in rate was 500 per person which includes a coach. The adult gymnastics class started with a jog and a bit of stretching before getting into linework which mainly consisted of conditioning exercises for legs. Then it was all core which left the whole gang sweaty and regretful.

We all gaped at doing handstands as we have never attempted it by ourselves. I mean there was always a wall or a pole to lean on (we all had background in poledancing). The coach was there to spot each one of us so we had the gall to do many. And then came the cartwheel training. I couldn’t help but make a lot of sounds. I was giggling, whining, shrieking, screaming and just about every sound a scared young girl can manage. It was scary fun. Then it was handstands and back bends which also came as a surprise granted that we were first-timers there. I was always trying to explain how old I was and how I lack strength and flexibility which was readily dismissed by the coaches. Finally, we finished with more core exercises and splits which did not feel much like we were cooling down. haha! The “class” took roughly three hours.

I don’t know why I waited this long to try it.


Yes I did a cartwheel. Or was that two?



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