Birthday Month 2014

Two weeks before my birthday and I am way behind.


I told myself I’d work on at least 10 pole shoots before the 16th and so far I’ve got only 3. Okay I do have one scheduled in 2 days but that’s 4 out of 10. I was hoping that the shoot I planned with my pole classmates (Inter1) will happen so that I can make up for lost time in one day. It was rather complicated especially that we were all busy with Stellar (students’ annual recital). Anyway, my plan was to finish all 10 shoots so that I would have the guts to work on a proposal for Polecats (my teachers). It’s a fantasy of mine that I never wanted to say out loud. I really feel it’s impossible especially that I haven’t had studio lighting setups for big groups. What more if it was for complicated ones as pole artistry?


And then they invite me to take some pictures during a shoot they had. A perfect twist to my premature plans! I didn’t get to style and direct which are my favorite parts in staged photography but who cares?! The stage was set and I got to practice endlessly. I’m glad with the results too even though my view was restricted (will post once I get their go signal). I was basically just capturing whatever it was in front of me but still it’s a very enriching experience. Come to think of it it really is my first time to be in a production as big as that. Everything was overwhelming and it was hard to keep my cool. I went gaga! haha!


Speaking of surprises, I am now a dance instructor. I know it is nothing like me.  I don’t have any kind of certification but it’s just a small office gym. I told some of my friends and all of them asked what it was exactly that I teach. I didn’t know what to say then. I thought about it and I think it’s a bit of cardio, a bit of stretching, some sexy moves here and there and overall a dance class for those who don’t know how to dance (like me). The first one was so awkward but I felt I got my mojo on the second day. This is not on my wishlist but it is very much welcome!


In other news, I finally crossed out a trick that had been so elusive (I’ll unveil on my birthday). I also have a picture with my boyfriend up that pole (another x mark there). The pose was not at all fancy but what’s important is that Phil gladly posed with me on our 9th anniversary. I didn’t plan it but yes he finished his 8-class card just in time for our anniversary. More than that,  the mere fact that he continued having classes even though his complimentary card has long been used up is something that I am very happy about.


Soon we’ll be dancing together…

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