Poledancing and my BF

I was initially satisfied in having Phil, my boyfriend, try each class once (pole, hoop, silk) but then my planner’s February coupon featured a complimentary class card. No shit. Hahaha. So I asked him if he wanted to just so he can learn certain tricks and we can pose for a photo. I told him that once he says yes he can’t back out because the card is non-transferable and I didn’t want it to go to waste. Unluckily for him my powers of persuasion worked.

-IMG_5129<- Just so it is clear, I’m the one on top of the pole and he’s the one below.

Anyway here is a list of things he learned after the 8-class card: Chinese climb, spiderman, monkey, spiderman variation, thigh hold, flag, boomerang, gemini, scorpio, survivor, inverted thigh hold, cube, top hand viva, assisted and unassisted rocket man, shoulder mount, fireman, back leg hook, chair and scissor climb.

His vanity is not at all surprising. He sends me messages of his new tricks. He asks me if I saw him pull off this and that when I go to class with him. He asks me to retake photos if his knee is not locked and his toes are turned in instead of out. What surprised me was his interest in continuing classes. Probably you are wondering what’s in it for someone like him. I wondered too. I mean he’s not exactly a dancer. He’s not the artsy/expressive type like me. And he’s not into showing off tricks. Again, it’s his vanity. He likes the workout because it targets a different set of muscles as compared to doing basic lifting at the gym. It makes a lot of sense. Before, I had to take a break and I did my exercises off pole and when I went back I couldn’t do boomerangs again. It was exactly because of that. I also notice it in my body. I mean poling all this time developed my upper body and while it is not very common for girls to tone those muscles, men would appreciate it. I’m talking about arms, obliques, triceps, biceps, back, shoulders and all those comic characters and action figures with impressive points of articulation have (hehehe).


Phil attended a total of 9 classes at Polecats Manila. He plans to have more.


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