Aerial Hoop Debuts at Stellar Goes Pop

As I told my fellow ringleaders a few minutes before our number, we have waited for this. Jodi and I excitedly signed up for Symone Dolai’s aerial arts workshop hosted by Polecats Manila and fell in love with the hoop instantly. That was in September of 2012.  When we found out that Polecats were going to make it something regular, we knew that all other planned activities had to take a step back. The classes started early in 2013. The disappointment we felt when we found out it was not going to be a part of Stellar on Broadway is indescribable considering that was the only reason why we signed up in the first place.

So yes, we waited. We waited a long time. We set aside funds for it. We arranged our lives around it. It was all heart. I don’t even want to think about the things we sacrificed to pursue the hoop. I mean we didn’t have time and money for other art and craft workshops (something we had been planning to do). Plus there was even lesser time and budget for vacations (something that is people in our age group do quite often). But no once forced us. It was my choice.

There were aerial hoop and silk numbers this year, 2014, and boy were we psyched. It was the very first that featured students and I was one of those students. Me, finally inviting my family and my relatives says a lot in painting a picture of how much it means to me.

I love the hoop so much that I could cry (I have and I will again). Perhaps it’s not very obvious in class as I have this bland expression with me all the time but it matters to me like… give me a second. Every trick I learn blows my mind and me clapping like an idiot is a giveaway. It’s pure fantasy. I may not have this conviction during the show but I have it with me most of the time. So thank you. Everyone!

Many want to run away with the circus and now there’s no need to.


That’s me up there can you believe it? (picture from Carlo Galarrita)


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