Pole and Shoots

I actually forgot writing about the new pole shoots I had! Unbelievable! Considering I am pretty happy about them, Oh how?! Anyway yes I finally did it. I finally had the guts to ask people at the studio if they could pose for me. I asked them what they’d rather not do, told them themes I wanna play with then I just did it. And it happened.
It’s also something that I’ve been trying different things during shoots so they’re not as identical as others would think. The first one only had very soft lighting on the face(I blogged about this earlier). The second one was lit using an external flash (overcast) and the last one was backlit using available light (sunny). I think I’ll keep the titles to myself for now. but Yes! I’m excited for the whole collection to unfold.

celine 2 Tippi

A thousand thanks to Celine and Tippi, more sugar please!

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